Mathews Chill, Creed, and ZXT Review
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Thread: Mathews Chill, Creed, and ZXT Review

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    Mathews Chill, Creed, and ZXT Review

    Went to the local shop yesterday and shot all three of the above mentioned bows. I must say first of all that these bows were set at 70# and the draw length at 28". Unfortunately my draw length is 29.5" so please take that into account. I shot them with and without a stab ( weighted and not weighted)

    Monster Chill Fit and finish were very nice as this one was blacked out. There was some noticeable top heaviness as the bow wanted to lean forward while holding in out in front of me. It drew somewhat stiff from the beginning of the draw cycle but did not drop off a cliff at the wall. Pretty even all the way back. Of the three bows this one had had a spongy wall, but not horrible. On the shot, this bow was very quiet, and virtually vibe free. With a stab, pretty much took that out.

    ZXT This bow is very much an economy model of the Z series bows. Fit and finish very nice and this one was all Lost camo. It drew nicely and rolled over to a surprisingly solid back wall, especially for a cable stop. It, I feel had a slight kick, but not much mind you, and a little vibe and when I added a stab it performed well.

    Creed When I began to shoot this bow it was set at a low poundage probably in the mid to high 50# range. It felt like a kids bow. We turned it up all the way and backed off one quarter turn, just about at 70#. I didn't experience a different animal with the higher poundage, but it didn't feel like a kids bow anymore either. I currently shoot my bow at 62# so when I say different I mean it was took a little more effort to draw. There is a very slight top heaviness to this bow, but very slight , and not like the Chill. The draw is very smooth all the way through the draw cycle as those larger cam and idlers would dictate. Solid limb stop back wall. On the shot this bow felt everything as good as the Monster Chill even though its lighter. It is very quiet and had a minuscule vibe which the stab made disappear. This bow is not just bells and whistles that many have stated ( that probably never shot the bow). I shot it against the HeliM and it out performs it, so I would say there is some different technology in it. Those of you that have either shot the HeliM or own one would definitely notice the difference. I felt that the HeliM had an ever so slight kick whereas the Creed has none. As far as the valley goes you have to remember the draw length on this bow was 1 1/2" to short for me so it was hard to make an opinion on that. I am seriously considering this to be my next bow Lord willing.
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    Great review! I have never been a Mathews fan, but as much as I don't want it to this z9 that I've got is turning into the best bow I've ever owned lol. Maybe I'll have to go try the new ones out soon :).
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    Good review, but why is the ZXT an economy model, other than the price ? What is cheaper about it ?
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    Mathews Chill, Creed, and ZXT Review

    Good reviews. It's always fun shooting new stuff


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