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Thread: Side by Side bow comparisons from ATA show

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    "ordinary" i think you've come to the wrong place for that. lol good luck on your search though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mpoyneer View Post
    If you want a custom designed shock and give device to do this sort of thing pm me. I think you guys could do well with some of the free stuff that's out there though, just be creative about calibration and you'll be good to go.

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    Nice AJ lol... I would love to help with measurement, test and calibration ideas, so let me know if you guys need help. Test equipment can get expensive, but there are other tools that are less expensive and will do the job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elkguide View Post
    Don't forget about ME!!!!!

    who are you.......?
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOAGuide View Post
    Very good idea in theory. The problem is ....... we aren't doing this for the manufacturer. We are doing it for YOU THE END CONSUMER and also so we can get subjective reviews from "ordinary guys (and gals)".
    If you're doing this for has to be in my hands! And I'm just about as ordinary.............well maybe I'm a little bit different but I'm still worth a try!
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    Quote Originally Posted by DOAGuide View Post
    Ike is a pretty good guy. I hear from people that know him that he has a heart of gold and is one heck of a nice guy to chat with. Having said that......

    Yes he can punch a trigger with the best of them. And I agree its kinda hard to think of his reviews are non-biased when he says the exact same thing about all of the bows. That is the problem with most of the reviews out there. The people that are testing think they have to say nothing but good things so they can get more bows. We want you to know our honest opinions on all aspects of the bows. We have "hired" a technical editor that is widely known on archery forums as being non-biased and PROFESSIONALLY HONEST! We owe it to the members, and the manufacturers to give a true assessment of any equipment we touch.

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    Whoever told you I have a heart of gold lied to you. It's funny that I have said nothing but good things about archery addix and DOA to others I have even refereed several people to the site because they were looking for something different than the bashing they find on other forums. Looks like I made a liar out of my self. every time my name is mentioned on this site it's in a negative way. I'm not sure who's cheerio's I peed in on this site but I guess I did a good job of it pissing someone off.

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