Swim-Drop tackle is on order now !
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Thread: Swim-Drop tackle is on order now !

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    Talking Swim-Drop tackle is on order now !

    Good news I have all my necessary "Swim-Drop" tackle is on order now! Got octopus hooks and QuickDrop weights and some plastics , Finicky Tacklers and Hammer Shad in several different colors, will see what works. Hope this Swim-Drop stuff works, will find out if the investment was right-on or not.

    Have any of you guys used this fishing technique ?
    postbit here

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    are you tying a swim bait on to a drop shot? Haven't tried it but sounds like it will work...caught a bunch off Carolina Lizards couple weekends ago. Let us know how it goes.
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    Oh man called the technique wrong. Is "Drop-Shot" technique, guess my newbie status is confirmed. Hmm more confusing the magazine article calls it "Swim-Drop" guess theres lots of similar ways.
    Heres a site that gives a review for the finicky tickler, spelled it wrong earlier meh. I got three different colors ordered.

    REVIEW: PowerTeam Lures ? Finicky Tickler ? The Fishidy Blog

    Let see for the Hammer shad plastic baits, got two different colors on order.


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