Broadhead Test VPA vs. Helix
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Thread: Broadhead Test VPA vs. Helix

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    Broadhead Test VPA vs. Helix

    I want to note that I didnt write this but would like the share as I believe information is good for all. Here we go

    So I had some time to get more bones and do some testing with various broadheads. Their has been concern floating around that single bevel is "hype", or single bevels blade retention is not as "good" as some double bevels. Since I'm a fan of single bevel broadheads I took this a little personal and even got challenged and bet money against! ( which he probably won't pay up). Anyhow I'm posting a few pics and I'll label them as I post them. This is for informational purposes only so don't tell me you don't hunt bones or that I need to make a perfect shot so I don't hit a bone. I'm not contracted by either companies I just felt like testing them against each other.
    Bow for testing
    Diamond deadeye 65#
    343 ibo

    Easton axis 340 with helix 100 grain head total weight 423 grains
    Easton axis 340 with 150 Vpa penetrator



    Helix has no damage arrow is completely in tact.

    Arrow trashed, elf shoed, there so called "steel tough"


    helix vs Vpa vs the knuckle, Vpa lost. Both 530 grains arrow weight, used brass hit to match weight with 150 Vpa



    after math, Vpa lodged barely in knuckle , other bent , the knuckle shot helix is sharp shiny and spins perfect .
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    The Helix heads are really nice, and probably hold up better than kudupoint heads, but I have had better blood trails with kudus. Killed two with each this year.

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    150 grain 1 5/16 cut looks sweet
    Hoyt CS34 QAD Broadheads
    Lefty shooters rule!!

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    I will say hands down single bevel will win every time. No to disagree I have a vpa penetrator that I put through living hell and it still spins straight. I may have shaved down the bevel on one side a tiny amount but to consider that was from hitting a piece of rebar back behind my broad head target(actually gouged a chunk out of the rebar) and still hits with my other heads. Ray makes some great broadheads and if I'm lucky I'll be able to track down a pack of the single bevels that he made and test them out this year.


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