Recent Banning and Future Conduct
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Thread: Recent Banning and Future Conduct

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    Recent Banning and Future Conduct

    I just wanted to post here to let people know about some recent developments and also to set some guidelines straight.

    Development 1

    Trial153 and I have worked things out between us. I can not speak for him but all I can say is that I have nothing but respect for him and his contribution to AA.

    Development 2

    I have extended an olive branch to PBuck and Cant HIT EM regarding their self imposed vacation as a result of what happened to Trial153.

    Development 3

    I have had a discussion with PBuck regarding this and I believe all is good between us.

    Outcome 1

    We will hopefully see the three of them back on the site and I wanted all members to know that this does not reflect any divide between the mods as it was something that I worked out with these members.

    Guideline 1

    Do not mistake this as a sign of weekness in the mods on this site. We will still punish as we see fit for poor behaviour.

    Guideline 2

    Do not assume that other bans will be lift so easily. I did this upon reflection and review of Trial153 past conduct on here. He is a model member and the 2 weeks upon reflection was excessive and this was reviewed on the merit of the situation. Others here are not so good an example of members so do not assume this to happen again.


    I and other mods here (along with a larger number of members than you might think) are fed up of the conduct of a number of members on here. As such I will be harder on members then I might usually be. I have in the past consulted other mods before taking action and then by the time we have conferred the time to act has passed. I and other mods may decide to no longer confer and will be acting as we see fit. I guess the short of it is expect more of this type of heavy handed action then less till things settle down.

    Guideline 4

    Openly questioning a mod is against the rules period. If you have an issue with anything a mod says or does then feel free to PM them but openly questioning their actions when moderating a thread in an open thread will be grounds for a vacation. The mod may or may not give you a warning, that is up to them.

    Guideline 5

    While a PM to a mod will be treated differently to a post in an open thread it is not a free for all. That is you are expected to still be civil and grown up in the way you act. Openly attacking a mod in a PM is still grounds for a vacation. It will be up to the mod handle it as they see fit.

    Guideline 6

    This forum will always operate with a higher degree of freedom then other forums. I and other mods value this as much as you all do. That being said there still needs to be a level of common decency and respect. Remember opinions are like A-holes we all have them, this does not mean we want them forced upon us and sometimes you should sensor how you choose to share yours.

    I will lock this as I do not want this thread to be the source of another riot.
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