High Country Speed Pro franken question.
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Thread: High Country Speed Pro franken question.

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    High Country Speed Pro franken question.

    Hi all I have an old 30 inch draw speed pro that I used for years until I found a bow that was designed to go out to 31.5 inch draw length. The speed pro was a little cramped but I dealt with it and shot it well. Since having a bow that has my correct draw length I just cant go back to the speed pro, its just tooo cramped.
    My question is can I fiddle with either string length or cable length to get another inch or more out of the draw length. I appreciate that its a bow thats designed for a max 30 inch draw but I have no problems experimenting with it.....if I damage it so be it, but its just a nice fast shooting bow and if possible I would love to use it again as purely hunting rig. Any advice from any frankenbowers out there would be gratefully recieved
    cheers David
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