Slight Crack on Recurve Limb
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Thread: Slight Crack on Recurve Limb

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    Slight Crack on Recurve Limb

    So today after about a 20 minute shooting session, I noticed a crack on the lower limb that I've never noticed before, but guess could've been there for a while. By crack I don't mean a large, open crack in the wood, I mean a slight chipping of the outermost fiberglass layer still attached but chipped off a bit. I decided to superglue it at the end to prevent it from being torn open to crack even further. I will provide a picture of the bow (it is in poor lighting so may not be best representation). For this type of bow and limb, do you guys think this is an issue and I need a new set of limbs (I have a take-down so I can get new ones, but they're still expensive), or is this a minor crack that shouldn't further damage the bow or affect the shot. Obviously spending money on new limbs is a far lesser expense than risking my own safety, but if I don't actually need new limbs, I prefer to save my money. Thanks!

    PS: In case the picture doesn't do the bow limb justice, it has an outermost very thin layer of fiberglass, then two layers of wood, then same outer material. The crack is in about halfway through that first thin layer. Also, the crack extends past that red circle, if you could not tell because it's hard to see, but the crack can also be seen a bit farther down.
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