OFFICIAL Rules for 2014-2015 ADDIX deer contest
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Thread: OFFICIAL Rules for 2014-2015 ADDIX deer contest

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    OFFICIAL Rules for 2014-2015 ADDIX deer contest

    For the most part the rules this year will be the same as last year with the addition of no high fence alowed. Also this year im working on a way to eliminate the past issues of people signing up then dissappearing so if anybody has any ideas send me a pm.

    1. Contest open to all active, registered Forum members.

    2. Archery equipment only: compounds, recurves, longbows, and crossbows.

    3. Deer (whitetail, mulie, blacktail) must be taken legally and ethically as the laws apply to the state you're hunting, including tags. NO HIGH FENCED DEER ALOWED, NO EXCEPTIONS

    4. Bucks and Does are accepted. Only 1 buck per team member may be entered, it can be upgraded 2 times. Each team member will be be able to submit 2 does.

    5. Scores will be determined using the Pope & Young Gross scoring system, no deductions. Whitetail will be the base animal, the species adjustments are:

    Whitetail (as norm): Gross score = Contest Score
    Columbia Blacktail: Gross score x 1.39 = Contest Score
    Sitka Blacktail: Gross score x 1.67 = Contest Score
    Mule deer: Gross score x 0.86 = Contest Score
    Coues Deer: Gross Score x 1.95 = Contest Score
    Does: 65 P&Y Points (All does scored as equal)

    6. Total points will determine the winning team.

    7. You must have a picture posted in the Official ADDIX Deer Hunting Contest Scoring Thread that includes the animal, weapon used, and something saying ADDIX 2014. You do not have to be in the pic as we understand people hunt alone.

    8. Deadline to enter the contest is August 15, 2014 Deadline to submit entries is Feb. 15th, 2015.

    9. All disagreements, disputes, and conflicts will be decided on by a majority vote from a panel consisting of Team Captains. Those decisions will be final. (See below for further explanation)

    **********BONUS OPPORTUNITIES*************

    Each team can earn up to 20 bonus points - Here's how:

    1: Take a Kid Hunting - 1 Entry per team - 10 points
    Simply take a kid hunting to earn 10 points. Killing of an animal is not required. Simply take a kid to enjoy our great sport and take a pic of the kid holding an ADDIX 2014 sign. Kids are 15 years old and below.

    2. Get It On Film - 1 Entry per team - 10 points
    Get a bowkill on film and earn an additional 10 points for your team. During the video you must show a ADDIX 2014 sign in order to earn the points.

    Code of Conduct:
    This contest is for fun and is on the honor system. We expect everyone to play by the rules of the contest and the rules of the state that they are hunting in. Period. The whole point of this is to HAVE FUN!!! Each team will nominate a captain. Should disputes arise they will be handled by the Captains and majority vote will settle. Once a vote is done that decision is final. ONLY a Team Captain should bring a dispute forward, if you have a dispute PM your Team Captain. The Team Captain will in turn PM me and we will put the dispute to a vote to reach a decision.
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    Hey jrogers only question is do we score pope n young or have it scored? Sounds like fun I missed out last year. Thanx for managing the contest

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    You score it yourself. You can find directions online.
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    Thanx yall


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