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  1. Bows For Sale
    Have a couple week old 2015 Stormy O with red cams and black and red string for sale 65lbs limbs (max at 66.1 ) 31.5'' mods on it right now have 31'' mods also It shot a 477 grain arrow 295/296 fps at 31.5'' draw 66.1lbs Right handed finish is great on this bow NO zipper finish on this one...
  2. Bows For Sale
    I have a 2013 OB Addiction with the LF2 cams on it 50-60lbs 63.5lbs maxed out 30.5 inch draw set at custom strings put on by Breathn and tuned 3d predator camo Rh bow I waited 14 weeks to get this bow and I love the camo, the draw is awesome, valley is great, soild back wall, super quiet and...
1-2 of 2 Results