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  1. Looking for a single Upper Bowtech Experience Limb

    I recently bought a Bowtech Experience from a friend and installed a cheaper drop down rest. After about 100 arrows thru the bow, my rest triggering cord broke and caused my Bow to delaminate the upper limb. Does anyone have a set of limbs or at lease an extra limb for an Experience?
  2. 2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight

    Bows For Sale
    2014 Bowtech Carbon Knight for sale 60-70 lbs. Excellent condition. Right Hand. Can send pics or they can be viewed here: Two purchasing options: -Bare bow $430 shipped to your door. PayPal, M.O., or cashiers check or -Bow with Ripcord...

    Hunting Section
    I am looking at getting a bow, but I am unsure on which to get. I have heard a lot of great things about the Bowtech Carbon Knight, but I have also heard that is has quite a bit of hand shock. The Mathews Creed XS is an outstanding bow all around. I have heard no complaints about this bow. I...
  4. 2013 Ben Pearson Stealth II SD in Muddy Girl Pink

    Bows For Sale
    I have a 2013 Ben Pearson Stealth II SD in Muddy Girl Pink Camo. RH 45-55# 24.5" draw, module adjustable. Bow and Strings are in excellent condition!!! I've knocked it down to $300 tyd. It's a mid-high line bow, that could be had for a great price. I would also consider a trade for another...
  5. Bear Agenda 7 *MINT*

    Bows For Sale
    All black Agenda 7, mint condition. Only shot to tune rest and sight and then did a review on it. Very nice bow but I'm wanting a x-bow for a friend that hurt his back and can't draw his bow this year. Bow is 60-70lbs and adjustable DL. Looking to sell bare bow $750 tyd. I just paid $900 plus...
  6. Camo Arrow Fletching Covers !!

    Archery Equipment
    PADGETT OUTDOORS IS PROUD TO PRESENT YOU WITH OUR...... Arrow fletching cover/shield. Hand crafted to fit over your arrow fletchings to shield your colorful wraps from detection and protect your fletchings from the elements/brush. This shield pictured will fit over your 5 to 7 arrow quiver...
  7. Wanting to buy Bowtech insanity cpx, invasion, or possible an experience

    General Store
    I am looking to buy a Bowtech Insanity CPX. It has to be a 70 pound bow and would like it to be camo, but doesn't necessarily have to be. I'm also only wanting to buy a bare bow, no accessories on it except for a peep an a d loop. Might also consider an invasion or an experience for the right...
  8. 06 Bowtech Allegiance

    Bows For Sale
    I have a 2006 Bowtech Allegiance that is 50-60' draw weight and has an adjustable draw length of 26-30". The bow is currently set at 62' and 29" draw length. I have loved this bow ever since I have owned it, and hate to see it go. Just wanting to upgrade to one of the newer model bowtechs. The...
  9. bowtech detroyer 340 DL module please

    Addix Bow Talk
    Anyone know if these mods are identical (interchangeable) or symmetrical (a top and bottom specific). Reason I ask is I just got my module back (6 months months later) after the indicator nubbin had broker off. Anyway, the CAM appears to be obscuring 3 of the 4 screw holes. I suspect I have...
  10. BowTech CPX video

    ATA 2012