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  1. Bow Accessories
    Looking for a set of PSE HD cams.
  2. WTB or Trade (WTT)
    Looking to Trade or Sell. I have Brand New, never used RKT#3 Cams off a 2013 Carbon Element G3.. looking to sell or trade. if someone has a set of RKT #2 Cams with or w/out Mods to trade. Thanks
  3. Archery Equipment
    I have a Parker Wildfire XP compound bow and cannot locate a cam mod to adjust the bow draw length. Trying to find a mod to set to 27". I have tried calling Parker. They do not carry this part anymore. (crazy, being the bow is only a few year old). I have tried E-Bay (per Parker's...
  4. Addix Bow Talk
    Anyone know if these mods are identical (interchangeable) or symmetrical (a top and bottom specific). Reason I ask is I just got my module back (6 months months later) after the indicator nubbin had broker off. Anyway, the CAM appears to be obscuring 3 of the 4 screw holes. I suspect I have...
1-4 of 4 Results