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  1. Bear Archery Long Bow

    It's a 66' traditional long bow, it was made in the 70s, good condition other than missing leather strap, jus really NEED the money!!!
  2. General Boards
    I recently had a discussion with some friends about the advantages of traditional archery and I was intrigued by some of their opinions. The main claim they gave was that traditional archery builds on the fundamental skills used in the sport of archery. You learn on basic bow types like recurves...
  3. General Archery Information
    Hi guys, I've recently picked up a long bow with a friend at the range he goes to in Santa Ana and I realized I pretty $$$$ good. I really would like to get some equipment of my own. Can anyone give me suggestions on what a good longbow for a beginner would be. The bow I used had a 25# draw...
  4. Miscellaneous Gear
    Hello all, I was looking around to get an archery t-shirt, and couldn't find anything that I liked - so I designed my own. I made designs for both men and women archers, compound, recurve, and longbow shooters (or rather "loose-ers") - see archer designs below! Shirts are a little pricey as...
1-4 of 4 Results