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  1. Mathews Monster Tatical Chill-R w/ X-mods 3 months old!!

    Bows For Sale
    60-70#, 29.5 draw length, with Chill x 75% rock mods, $900 for bow & Mathews QAD rest served in, or lets talk about a price on a package... also have HHA Optimizer Ultra Lite with .10 pin ($250) w/ a extra pack of tapes for set-up, a Axion or Trophy Ridge Stabilizer, Red Mathews CT 4 arrow...
  2. Looking for Mathews Monster

    Bows For Sale
    Im looking to buy a mathews monster, i would prefer black but would also consider camo, also would like 60 lbs and i am looking to stay under the $500 mark. Let me know if you have something.