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  1. 2014 Obsession Sniper GT 29" Draw 70# - Black EXCELLENT COND!

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    I have a 2014 Obsession Sniper GT 70 lb Limbs. 29" Draw in excellent condition! Great bow and warranty transfers with new owner. Coming with Apex Gear Covert Single Pin Sight with currently the .10 pin. I have the .19 as well as all the other sight tapes and instructions. Also will have a Vapor...
  2. For sale 2015 Obsession Addiction

    Bows For Sale
    Have a couple week old 2015 Stormy O with red cams and black and red string for sale 65lbs limbs (max at 66.1 ) 31.5'' mods on it right now have 31'' mods also It shot a 477 grain arrow 295/296 fps at 31.5'' draw 66.1lbs Right handed finish is great on this bow NO zipper finish on this one...
  3. 2011 Obsession SS

    Bows For Sale
    2011 Obsession SS bare bow, Camo finish, red and black string and red and black cams 28.5/70lb draw. This bow is light and makes a great hunting bow for the upcoming season.if you have not shot an Obsession this is the smoothest shooting bow out there. comes with an extra set of strings. Bow has...
  4. Need help please

    Addix Bow Talk
    In need of some of these...... They are from my SR-71 and I had to rob some from it to repair my Vengeance. Kate S. was in the process of mailing me some more when they closed up shop. I have been trying to acquire some with no luck. I am putting my SR-71 back together for a Frankenbow project...
  5. Jermey's Custom Strings on Lethal Force

    Addix Bow Talk
    I looked for a "string section" to post in to no avail so hopefully I am posting in the right place. I just installed some Jeremy's Custom Strings on my 70# lethal force and want to show off/give props out to Jeremy and his quality work/product...the lengths were exact and once installed my...
  6. First Annual Memorial Day 2xR Bow Shootout

    I had some extra time this afternoon after we got back from the Veterans Memorial Cemetery & Park parade, so I thought I would shoot a quick video of a few of the new bows in the 2xR stable. All these bows were shot as they cam from the factory with noise/vibe dampening material and I did not...
  7. Obsession video

    ATA 2012
    2xR and I shoot the 31" ATA Sniper SS then I shoot the 33" Lethal Force.