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  1. Slight Crack on Recurve Limb

    General Boards
    So today after about a 20 minute shooting session, I noticed a crack on the lower limb that I've never noticed before, but guess could've been there for a while. By crack I don't mean a large, open crack in the wood, I mean a slight chipping of the outermost fiberglass layer still attached but...
  2. For Sale: PREDATOR T/D with VELOCITY Riser

    Bows For Sale
    I have a Predator Velocity 60" RH 54# @28" take down recurve that I would like to sell. The Velocity Riser is machined from a solid aluminum billet and features independent pivoting limb mounts (pockets) and the option to interchange grips. It's outfitted with Predators top of the line Pro...
  3. Encouraging Traditional Archery Lessons

    General Boards
    I recently had a discussion with some friends about the advantages of traditional archery and I was intrigued by some of their opinions. The main claim they gave was that traditional archery builds on the fundamental skills used in the sport of archery. You learn on basic bow types like recurves...
  4. Casual Archery Apparel!

    Miscellaneous Gear
    Hello all, I was looking around to get an archery t-shirt, and couldn't find anything that I liked - so I designed my own. I made designs for both men and women archers, compound, recurve, and longbow shooters (or rather "loose-ers") - see archer designs below! Shirts are a little pricey as...