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  1. WTB Stan Element 3 finger medium

    WTB or Trade (WTT)
    Looking for a Stan Element Medium 3 Finger back tension release. Would also consider a 4 Stan Element for the right price. Thanks.
  2. T.R.U. Ball

    General Boards
    I am an avid T.R.U. Ball user and stand by the company 100% if there are any questions about the product or anything else I can help with feel free to send me a pm!
  3. Hello from everybody at T.R.U. Ball!

    General Boards
    I am with T.R.U. Ball Archery they are the best release company on the market and I have never seen a company stand by their customer so much! They really are the real #1! If you have a question feel free to send me a pm or post something on this thread!
  4. T.R.U. Ball

    I currently use the Stinger release and I have to say it is the best release I have used for hunting! Who else loves their T.R.U. Ball?
  5. Going to switch to a hand held release - what should I pay attention to?

    General Boards
    I have been shooting index finger trigger releases since I started shooting 7 years ago. I'm going to a local proshop today to try some hand held releases, and I'd like to know what to pay attention to when picking one out. I'm a one bow for all applications kind of guy, and I would like to use...