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  1. Bows For Sale
    Selling a left handed 2021 Hoyt RX5. 30" ata. 60-70lb. 28.5-30" draw. Comes with a QAD ultra rest already mounted. Bows in great shape. Only been on about 15 tree stand hunts. Probably doesn't have 200 arrows through it. I will cover shipping and it will ship from the bow shop in was purchased...
    $1,050 USD
  2. Bows For Sale
    Hoyt 2021 RX5 Ultra (Buckskin) for sale. Selling this bow in nearly new condition. Last season slipped by due to work commitments. Bow was stored inside and in a case since purchase. Also including the installed and timed/tuned Hoyt integrate rest (Hoyt Ultrarest Integrate MX Arrow Rest) and 5...
    $1,550 USD
1-2 of 2 Results