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2007 ATA Show - Anyone from here attending it?

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If so, make sure you take LOTS of pics......
PLEASE, don't leave up poor "simple folk" out. :D :lol:
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I'm not going but it would be a lot of fun.
I would love to go....................I guess I need to hook up with a dealer that plans on going in the future.
Anyone else going to next years ATA show?

I could use the "hook up" while I am in Iraq....spy photos and waht not, he he....
I went this year for the 1st time and will be back next year if possible!
I wanna go to one so bad...
I might have to "pimp" myself out one year to go..........

Maybe wear a sign that says "Will Work for ATA admission"
I've got a few pictures to post---will try it later
Here are some pics from the Ross Archery booth.

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looking for my pictures---might still be in the camera
found my pictures---now trying to get photo bucket to work--I'm not very good at posting pictures!
Great pictures :(
Thanks for sharing them.
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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