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2011 K&K Vengance bow test results

Very interesting to compare the responses from here to the ones over at AT. Lots of people working angles and agendas.

I could give two shidz about the nock travel the way this thing shoots. Like a dream.

Curious how this bow is shooting for you now ? It's rather a common knowledge attribute this bow was made with 2 identical binary cams, and to my knowledge the only bow EVER made into a cam and a half with identical top and bottom sized cams,hence why it was chewing strings and unable to tune properly with a regular spined arrow.

How did this bow age ? Reason I ask is I have a chance to buy this bow for $200 and feel it's a steal, but if it's going to chew strings after 50 shots,I need to find a remedy and hoping you developed some strategy. .
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