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I'm selling a Brand new 2012 Invasion CPX 29" 70# RH The bow is already set up, i bought it from my local bow shop. I ordered it, bought it and then come to find out that It's just not the bow for me. The bow has been shot no more than twenty to thirty times. (possibly less) and has absolutely no cosmetic damage or wear and tear. I want to sell the bow with everything on it because my next bow i want to set up totally different. This bow is outfitted with a 5-pin Black gold photocromatic sight .19, A QAD HD ultra rest, A 7" octane stabilizer, an Octane 5 arrow magnetic quiver, a G5 Meta peep 3/16 and of coarse D loop.... Now, the price. You're probably going to have the "No Way" reaction but understand. This bow Is BRAND NEW and ready to hunt with the purchase of arrows. My total cost from Bare bow to hunt ready was nearly 1400 $$$, 15 dollars short of it. I in turn am asking 800 (SHIPPING NOT INCLUDED) for it with everything including the case, the case is a Plano Bow Gaurd. Also, this isnt something that i absolutely have to get rid of so i will not be doing much bardering and i am already taking a hit on money. The Bow actually still has the grease in the limb pockets from the factory and grease at the center pivot contacts, Considering i did not like the bow i hunted with my Mathews Switchback XT this season. If you are interested please contact me.... Turkey season is right around the corner. Thanks for reading and God Bless!
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