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This bow is 60/70lb'er in great shape and I only used it for about 4 weeks of an indoor 5 spot league, I bought it new in December and I will estimate about 300-400 shots total on this bow. This is for bare bow, which includes peep, kisser, d-loop, sts, and bowjax. The String stop has a couple scratches on it that I touched up and you can't even notice now. (Its from when I adjusted it from the factory). No diferrent mods, cams, or a bow press needed to change draw length, all of the adjustibility of the Fluid cam are built in. The only reason I am selling is because I also bought a Quest Smoke and now a target bow and mama said one of my hunting rigs had to go.(I hate parting with it!) I am just sticking with the Smoke because I am a bigger guy and the Smoke's A2A just fits me better. This is a great shooting bow and would make someone an AWESOME hunting bow, Super smooth and shoots absolute lazer beams too! Specs and link to Quest are listed below. $350 TYD...a steal to say the least! Prefer paypal gift but would accept other methods as well. PM with any questions.

•Speed: 322 FPS
•Weight: 4.2 LBS
•Brace Height: 7"
•Axle to Axle: 31"
•Draw Length: 25.5" - 30" (Half Inch Increments)

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