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I have a 2013 Ben Pearson Stealth II SD in Muddy Girl Pink Camo. RH 45-55# 24.5" draw, module adjustable. Bow and Strings are in excellent condition!!!

I've knocked it down to $300 tyd. It's a mid-high line bow, that could be had for a great price.

I would also consider a trade for another equal men's bow in a 27"-28" DL and 60-70lb DW area. If we trade, we both pay our own shipping. I would also consider trades (or partial trades) for treestands and game cameras.

So, if you want to get a wife, daughter or girlfriend a great bow, at a starter price or trade, here it is.

I know Pearson is not as big a name as Hoyt and Matthews, but it's a smaller company whose quality is every bit as comparable. I've attached some links for additional information.

Here is a user review on another forum of a Stealth:

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