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3-D shoot at Ninnescah Bowhunters in Clearwater KS.
This is our yearly Jamboree.
June 16th and 17th, ( Fathers day weekend ).
There will be novelty shoots on Saturday, Crash and burn shoot,
12 target 3-D shoot, Cloud shoot, 100 yards or so, running pig,
and more.
These novelties will cost 1.00 to 5.00 per event, depending on which one it is.
There will also be a **** shoot after dark, Saturday night, bring a lantern.
We will also have several raffles, Ross Cardiac, ground blind,
Spanky Brooks Knife, and lots of door prizes, which will be given out on Sunday.
Sunday will be a regular 48 target 3-D shoot.
Start time on Saturday will be 9:00 Am.
Start time on Sunday will be 7:30-10:00 trickle.
cost for Sunday shoot is 7.00 member, 12.00 non member.
camping is available.
From Clearwater, go west to 215th st., about 6 miles, then turn north to the club.
Hope to see you there. Nick. :( :(
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