This Hoyt Prevail FX Compound Bow is setup with micro adjustable, top level attachments, for competition precision target shots. Attachments and extra equipment included:
Sure-Loc ser #809941 sight with scope
Ripcord X-Factor Arrow Rest
AAE Gripper adjustable single mount bracket
Axcel Curve CX compound Scope Housing - blue #4530362
Axcel Curve CX Peep Alignment Ring 32mm #4530360
Axcel Curve CX Rheostat #4530353
Axcel Curve Fire Ring Pin .029 sight pin blue
Axcel Curve CX 16.5 mm Clear Target Doc’s Choice lens 6X # 4530359
Specialty Ultra Light 37 Degree Aluminum Peep 749-37UL BL blue
Specialty Super Peep Aperture Kit (5 apertures)
Doinker Elite LDS Stabilizer 29” with weights
Doinker Stabilizers 12” with weights (2 pieces)
Rubber Arrow Puller
Travel Compound Bow Case
Bow Stand
Halo XRT 6 Range Finder