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I am only slightly experienced with compound bows. A few years ago I came into an Alpine 70# dual cam and set it up for about 30 yards. I was enjoying the sport so much that I WAY OVER REACHED my limits (for age 57) by keeping it at 70# and shooting 200 (+or-) daily and ended up damaging my draw shoulder. So I sold the alpine because I didn't like the excessive vibrations kept shaking all my equipment loose; (and to eliminate my temptations to keep shooting)..

In hindsight I've been studying (in greater detail) how setting up and tuning a bow was likely the cause of all the vibration troubles!!!!! So Now, I intend to take the equipment A-LOT more seriously.

Fast Forward= = I just inherited a 70 lb. Hoyt Reflex Express compound bow and I do NOT want to over stress my body again so I REALLY want to find out the PRECISE DRAW Weight adjustment SPECS!!! I currently have the draw weight bolts adjusted "OUT" exactly FOUR COMPLETE TURNS OUT FROM FULL 70#.

On my alpine the manual was online and it mentioned that "one complete turn" (in or out) was equal to FIVE POUNDS of draw adjustment)!!! I am needing to discover all the Manufacturer SPECS on this Hoyt so I can lower the draw to it near-lowest draw weight for Indoor target and higher for Outdoors...

I am waiting on deliver on a "new" Barnett Vortex Hunter (45 to 60#) and also considering a Vortex Light for my granddaughters. But I may Keep the Hoyt as a stand-in if I ever want to hunt. (I am 63 with serious mobility issues so hunting isn't exactly in my wheelhouse)...

I have searched Google for the manual on my Hoyt BUT cannot find a manual for my "off-model" Hoyt (70 lb. Hoyt Reflex Express. The nearest find was an obvious rip-off asking for my credit card!!!

Please help me out if you can!!! Thanks
Joe (warezaholic)
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