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Quick Detach Mounting System
One Vertical and Two Angled Locking Postions
Vertically Adjustable
Built-in Treelimb Hanger
Accepts Mechanical or Fixed Broadheads
Grips Aluminum or Carbon Arrows
Ultra quiet design

Looks like they come in RealTree AP and HD camos plus Mossy Oak Breakup.

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I don't have one yet, but I will be getting one closer to hunting season. My pro shop had some in the other day, so I had the chance to play around with them a little bit. He had one mounted on a bow. It seemed to be very solid, and it was easy to adjust and take off and on. I don't know about any vibrations or noise, cause I didn't shoot the bow it was on. If you get this quiver, you most likely won't be shooting with it on anyway. I really like the little hanger they added to the top. All the detachables I had before you had to add a piece of string to hang, or clip to a pack.
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