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My ROSS 331 is now set up with 60# limbs that max to 66#. I have it set on a tad under 65# [1/2 turn out from bottomed]. I am a 27" draw,,cut my 400 ICS arrows to 26 1/4". Been shooting 100 grain tips. Would you suggest I go back to 75 gr tips? I'm about 368 w/100 gr tips so 343 gr is well over the 5 gr guideline. There are lots more tips/broadheads made in the 100 grain weight, so, just stay with 100s instead of attaining max velocity?
My 331 is shooting very smoothly. Seems I have the Whammy in the 'correct' spot and arrows look as tho they are lazer guided.
Alan in GA.

I use different size heads for various type of hunting......
I shoot GoldTip arrows but, I have lighter 5575 shafts with 90 grain heads (my speedsters) and I also have 7595 shafts shooting 100 grain and even 125 grain heads for maximun Ke. :)
I plan to use the heavier ones for Elk and my future Africa trip if I even get a chance to get...
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