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Been using OnTarget2 to select shafts, but curious to see what some of you come up with, as I am seeing my top pick is actually overspined.

I've dropped in bow weight, going to a 50-60# I need new arrows and I just picked up last year's CR337 literally last week! NICE!

2006 Ross CR337
27.5-28.0" Drawlength
65% letoff
100 grain heads
Trophy Taker Original Dropaway
Blazer Vanes (2")
Fletcher TruPeep
Served Nock
String Leeches (??? in the air, depends on how the E-Supressor works out).
Arrow Length: ??? I know when shooting 27.5-28.0" on a previous setup, I was shooting 27.75" A/C/C 3-60s and still had room to trim back if need be...maybe another 1/2" or so.

My two top picks are:
1) CE Maxima Hunter 250s
2) A/C/C 3-39s

The Maxima Hunter 250s come up overspined, which I thought was suprising. I expected these to be right in line with the bow.

The 3-39s are right in the green on OnTarget2's calcs, which is also suprising as I was expecting the 3-49s to be spot on...but they are about as overspined as the 250s...maybe even a little more.

Now the Maximas are lighter, so more speed, and have that FOC advantage. The 3-39s are more "in line" per the OT calcs, but they are heavier and have a thinner outside diameter...clearance is not an issue, but fletching might be? Maybe not with the Blazers.

Anyway, just joined the forum as a new Ross owner, figured I'd get some insight from you guys, see what your thoughts are on arrow selection for my setup. If you have any questions or need more details, please let me know.

In the meantime, I'll search the forums and try to find what others may be using with similar specs.


I am a Goldtip man, myself and have not shot the ones you are looking at...
BUT, In my experience, I have always found it better to go with a lil heavier spine than normally recommended.
My groups are always tigher with a stronger spined arrow than going with the "ideal" spined arrows from the charts.
That way if you decide to up your poundage or even change B-heads, you wil have that room to work. :)
I would try to take your setup to a local shop and shoot a few of the arrows and see how they perform before you spend $$$.
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