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Arrow Rest Selection

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A friend of mine is setting up his Ross Cardiac and is undecided in his arrow rest. He is undecided on his arrow rest and not thrilled about the WB, which I think is great! He is looking for a rest that provides containment when arrow is not drawn, even if held by a tab on the rest, very durable for rough country hunting and a simple design with minimal moving parts. Here is a list the list that he is working from and he would prefer exact models from makers as some have several types:

Black Gold Free Fall
Catawba Still Shot / Bowtech Hostage
QAD Ultra Rest Hunter
QAD Ultra-Rest PRO HD
QAD Ultra Rest LD
Ripcord Arrow Rests
Trophy Ridge Drop Zone
Trophy Ridge Dropzone Standard
Trophy Ridge Dropzone Precision
Trophy Taker Pronghorn Short or long bar
Trophy Taker 2007 Xtreme FC
Vapor Trail Limb Driver

Thank you,
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i have the trophy taker with the long bar,i didn't want the launcher touching the riser on mine,some people just put mole skin down with the short bar
2007 TR Drop Zone :(
I have a older TR Drop Zone that will go on my Cardiac once I get it.
I have another Drop Zone on my 337/Comp and am very impressed with these rests.

I use a WB or the new Hostage for my 334 though, I like the full containment of them. :)
I'm thinking about getting a hostage.The wisker started tearing my fletching off.
bushlight said:
I'm thinking about getting a hostage.The wisker started tearing my fletching off.
Not sure if you have saw this yet: ... ht=hostage
Thanks. I'm not sure if you can shoot flu flows thru it. Because i might hunt some squirrels.But i can always wait till there on the ground.
Thanks MDEWITT71! Did you get it out and do some 50+ yard shooting with it?

I think my buddy is concerned because some forum members have praised a certain rest on the "Cardiac", while others bashed the WB. So, in his mind there are only a few rests that meet his needs and that shoot well on the Cardiac.

The TR DZ is a great hunting rest and the VT LD is just AWESOME!!!!
Not sure how the Trophy Ridge Drop Zone compares, but just in case they want to add it to the list, I use a Trophy Ridge Sync. I saw that The Hunting Public uses it, so I thought it can't be bad and I've liked it. Does what I need it to.
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