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aussie feral goats

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thought i might post a few pics of some feral goats here in australia that i have taken over the last month or 2. i reccomend coming to hunt in australia as there are no tags or lisences needed.
the bow in the front will soon be replaced by a cardiac in matter of weeks :)

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Congrats, good shooting, you will enjoy the cardiac... :(
Nice job! looks like a ton of fun :(
Congrats! Man, that would be an awesome trip! :(
How do you hunt them, stalking, blind etc...?
most hunting in australia is done by stalking. they are great fun to hunt especially when you come across big mobs like the one in the picture
Fine pics right there.....thanks for sharing. :lol:
weave said:
They taste good?
I was wondering the same thing.
taste great. its a lovely lean meat and they are free of diseases and parasites because they eat really acidic plants.
taste sort of like lamb
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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