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If any of you purchase broadheads online through, or please be sure that the seller is an legitimate, reputable dealer and that you are purchasing the actual licensed product. There are several sellers who are offering counterfeit Flying Arrow Archery, Rage, G5, Muzzy, RamCat, Bloodsport, Dirtnap, etc. broadheads at incredibly low prices. PLEASE NOTE THAT THEY ARE FAKE.

These counterfeit heads cause problems for everyone who is a legitimate manufacturer or dealer because they are undercutting everyone's prices. The fake heads WILL NOT PERFORM like the real heads do, are less durable and can usually be identified because they come in colors that the real manufacturers don't produce.

Since Amazon, Ebay and Alibaba are technically brokerage houses, they can't/won't do anything to control what is sold through the sites or who is doing the selling.

Let's all band together to help keep our economy and the archery industry rolling! PLEASE, I IMPLORE YOU, ONLY PURCHASE BROADHEADS FROM YOUR LOCAL DEALER, CHAIN RETAILER OR DIRECTLY FROM THE MANUFACTURER.
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