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Black Bear Hunt

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I want to plan a Black Bear hunt for next spring. Anyone hunted with an outfitter and had a good experience? I do not care where I go, Canada, Maine, Washington etc...
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Save some money and go to Canada. Either Saskatchewan or Manitoba. I have hunted Maine many times in the fall and the bear hunting is avearge at best. There are many outfitters all running 100's of baits.
Kansas Boy said:
Any suggestions on what to take? I'm going to buy a light weight bug suit with a head net. I'll be hunting in Manitoba May 11th-17th. I am assuming it will be fairly warm that time of year.
Or, it could snow! :???:
Kansas Boy said:
Thanks for the input, are you saying Manitoba weather in May is a crap shoot?
I have not been to Manitoba, but anywhere that far North is subject to a late arriving spring.

I have been in New Brunswick and Ontario in May and had weather that ranged from snow showers to 70 degrees in a weeks time.
1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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