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Blackhawk pro vapor arrows?

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Anybody have any experiance with them?
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Yeah I bought a dozen shafts and wrapped them and fletched them with neon green and neon orange blazers. I have missed a doe, had a pass through on a doe and double lunged a possum since I bought them. I did this with the same arrow as kind of an accelerated durability test. I really like them and will be buying more. They are about 20 grains heavier than the CX300s I was shooting but so far they seem more durable, plus they are somewhere around half the price.
I really like them. Bought another dozen shafts a couple of weeks ago. Havn't busted one yet!!! The CX 300s I was shooting where not very tough and where over $100 a dozen. I'm getting Vapor shafts for anywhere between $45-$55 a dozen.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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