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Bow Sights?

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What bow sights are you guys using. I'm looking for a new one. I have always shot vital bow gear sights because of there bright pins and am really leaning towards there new adjustable star track sight. Just looking for an adjustable sight with one bright pin.
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Sword Centurion on one bow, and Axcel Accutouch on the other. Both single pin, and both are great, but the Axcel in particular is exceptional quality. I love the click-stop adjusting for range.
Check out a Truglo Pendulum Sight TG700 sight....It's a slider with one pin. This single-pin model is made is adjustable for both hand orientation. Up to 35-yard distance. Easy to mount. Budget-friendly.
Has anyone used a Spot Hogg Fast Eddie XL double pin? Looks like quite the upgrade from the Trophy Ridge 5-pin I've been using.
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