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Bow Stink

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How many of you spray your bow with scent killer every time you go hunting? I have not done this in the past, worry about rust on my equipment. If you do spray your stuff how do you keep rust off of it ? Hex headed screws are really bad at getting rusty. Thanks for your help..

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I haven't ever done that for the same reasons as you. I don't want my bow to be a rust bucket. I think if you hunt high, use a cover scent on yourself, and play the wind everything should work out... maybe
I usually never spray my bow........never saw a need for it.
But I did buy a used Storm bow one time that came from a smoker and it smelt like a tobacco factory as soon as I opened the box.
I sprayed it down with scent killer and wiped all the metal parts down and lubed it real good after that.
I don't spray my bow. I'll use a little oil that hides the scent. I use this on all metal surfaces. Works great. ... _cat&ref=6
Being from Bama i like the pine scented
Never sprayed the bow down, but have used scent free oil on the metal parts to prevent rust :(
what do u do when it rains,i always spray mine down, cause i usually don't use a case when season rolls around i leave it hanging on the porch usually but every time i take it out of the truck i'll give it a shot of fall blend
arm and hammer makes a breathable box that you can put in your bow case and it absorbs odors.
I spray it down right before season and wipe it off to get all the summer sweat off of it.
this is hard to say

I never spray the hard surfaces on the bow. it is unlikely that those surfaces will hold any kind of smells. I do spare my wrist band on my bow.
good luck
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