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Bowtech Experience. Condition is Used.
Bow in excellent condition. My original limbs delaminated 3 weeks before my elk hunt on 9/1/2020. I quickly replaced the limbs with new/unused 70 lb limbs from Bowtech. The limb replacements essentially make it a new bow.
I am selling this bow because it is too small for me. I was originally told 3 years ago I am a 31” draw, which is why I bought this bow, and later told I have 32” draw after taking lessons to improve my form and increase my shooting distance. I would keep this bow but it is clearly too small and I am a one bow kinda guy.
This bow was specifically designed to kill any animal in North America. I used it last year to hunt Elk in New Mexico. I have been putting full length arrows with 125 grain expandable broadheads through it and the setup is astoundingly deadly.
It has a 26.5-31” draw length.
32” Axle-to-Axle. A little long to shoot in a pop-up blind but definitely still possible.
Originally IBO at 335. The month old limbs with less than 100 shots through them are ratcheted down to the max. It’s measuring at over 73 lbs so the IBO should be slightly higher.
The sight is a HHA Optimizer DS-XL5519. The sight has a 4x magnifying lense for shooting at distance, and a blue light attachment for shooting in pop-up blinds.
The bow has an Apex Gamechanger 5 arrow quiver good for holding 5mm shafts and larger.
The bow has a Ripcord Code Red drop-away rest that holds the arrow in place once the bow is loaded.
The bow comes with a 8inch Octane Stabilizer.
Lastly, the bow comes with a Plano Bow Guard PillarLock green hard case.
All in good condition.
This would be a great setup for those looking to shoot larger game or hunt at over 50 yards. I recommend this bow and setup for intermediate to experienced bow hunters.
Asking $850 for the whole thing.
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