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Well i've been reviewing tips for daz and still unsure what to do.My screw is partially covered by limb ( on mod).I measure 34-3/16th ata on shelf and 34-1/4 0n the other side ..the cable has 3 twists in it and the twist measurement is .750--I beleive the string and cables are winners choice-I dont know for sure--I purchased th Cr334 "used" 2006 model. The string and cables appear to be in good shape, should I try more "twist", if so where?. I'm not very experienced but do have some young help.--I could just go ahead and invest in a new set.-drawing 58-60# @29.5. I have not paper tuned, but have shot approx. 100 arrows and @ 25 yards i am right on--any thoughts or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 8) 8) 8) 8)
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