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Can I be better than a "Button"

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gotta keep post'n up Bro............
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If you get banned, do they label you a cull or management buck? :D
I dunno but they gotta work on the point system....I know I am over due some Antler growth....
Point system

I don't what the fuss is about, everbody here sheds their antlers every year anyways HAHAHA :D
About time to shed them now. Maybe I'll reach my prime next year. :D
How many posts do you have to have until you grow a set??
I think Mark has to do it manually....I went from Button to where I am now after I hit over 150.
Hey, some of you guys are approaching P&Y quality !!! Although after reading some of these post's, I think we may have some nontypical and managment types in our midst...!

I like being a "Button Buck". I can lurk all I want and nobody pays attention or expects much 8) BT

(BB4L) button buck 4 life!
Really? I haven't heard that before. In Wisconsin deer are always called by total number of points... So it's either called a 4x4 or an 8-pointer... 4x5 or a 9-pointer, etc.

Must be a geographical difference in semantics! That's neat - I wasn't aware of that.
21 - 28 of 28 Posts
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