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I've been bowhunting for 6 years and decided it was time for e new bow. I had all but decided on a Mathews Switchback, but someone on another board suggested that I take a look at the Ross bows. My first thought was "never heard of 'em". So...I checked out their web site and read some reviews and decided that I just had to see one in person.

There's a dealer nearby and he let me shoot his bow. My wife wasn't too thrilled about me spending most of our tax refund on a new bow, but she loves venison and got over it pretty quickly. Fortunately for me she's very understanding when it comes to me and hunting.

I ordered a Cardiac, but it's still not in. I'm making the switch this year from RH to LH due to eye dominance and apparently Ross is having trouble getting LH Risers from their machine shop. In the meantime, my dealer set me up the a RH Cardiac so that I can at least be shooting one. I shot it for the first time yesterday. Can't wait to draw down on a deer with it! Is it October yet?
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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