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Cedar Valley shop challenge shoot!

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Double Lung Archery Inc and Double A Archery have teamed up to have a shop team challenge shoot!

The shoot will pit 5 person teams from each shop against each other in a test of archery skill.

The Double Lung Archery Inc Team members are

Pat Ferguson

Troy Lewis

Dennis Sparks

Brent Grosse

Dave Stueve

The challenge consists of 4 Monday night shoots starting Aug 27th at Double Lung Archery Inc.

Shooting will begin at 6 PM

Aug 27th, 40 shot 3D round at DLA, La Porte City

Sept 3rd 30 shot round of Technohunt at Double A Archery in Waterloo

Sept 10th 40 shot round of 3D at DLA, La Porte City

Sept 17th 30 shot round of Technohunt at Double A Archery

Andy (co owner of DoubleA) and I have a large trophy being made that will list the winning teams names and will be displayed at the winning teams dealership.

Andy and I have been working on this for about a month now.

Everyone is welcome to come and cheer on their favorite team!

Team members, please check in with me for more details!
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if ya do win, i bet they'll be after you in the spring to get the trophy to their shop.
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