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Who doesn't love Altoids? Now there is even more to love about that Original Celebrated, Curiously Strong mint. Thanks to Altoids you can congregate and hold every single local deer on your hunting land to a single location. All you need to do is eat all the Altoids first to empty the tin (That's a treat right there)

Then print up a way to congregate all those deer in one location. I used a 3D printer but I suppose small wooden slats and a little glue would work as well.

I made the insert to hold the cards at an angle so the lid just makes contact with all 18 cards so they don't rattle.

I used to use two tins (1 for empty cards and the other for cards I just pulled) so I would not mix them up. Now I have a row for empty cards and a row for full cards.

If you are in bear country like me, make sure to do a good job of washing out the tin so your camera cards don't smell like the cinnamon or peppermint candy.
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