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DLA article 4 is up on

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I think that you have put the wrong link. the URL is for sale.
good luck
Good article Dave :(
Good read Dave. :grin:
Is there a Pulitzer Prize for archery? :sad: Good job, Dave.
good article.

Personally im going to try this vanilla thing this year. While im not going to dip into my top notch baking vanilla, ill buy that cheap imitation crap.....
I have heard that the real stuff works way better?

My wife has some in the cupboard that may just come up missing :sad:
i cant bring myself to use my $2.50/ounce vanilla or my $3.50/ounce double strength.

i know the real stuff is basically 70 proof alcohol. Id worry about evaporation. I know you want some evaporation, but with that much alcohol that will probably be too much.

i need to look at the cheap stuff and look at its alcohol content and maybe try to water it down.
bringing back this vanilla idea, i remember that i was going to add powedered vanilla to my feeder. I was going to try "vanilla scented corn"

I guess maybe its time for a "vanilla study" real vs synthetic...

FWIW ive also located apple powder and peanut butter flavored powder and several other "scented" powder... its pretty cheap considering....
1 - 10 of 10 Posts
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