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DLA now has Ross t shirts in stock!

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I have the black, long sleeve or short sleeve shirts in stock.
Short sleeve
L-6 12.99
XL-2 12.99
XXL-2 13.99
Med- 2 12.99

Long sleeve
L-2 16.99
XL-2 16.99
XXL-1 17.99

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tobin01 said:
bloodtrail1 said:
they run small..........
They do run small, just received a LG long sleeve and had to send it back to Amanda to exchange for an XL.

And I washed mine in COLD water and they still shrunk up to the point they wont work. I had XL to start which with a good quality t-shirt XL fits me. Sorry to say, and Im not bashing...but out of all the bows I have owned and shirts purchased from the manuf. (Mathews,Hoyt, Parker)....The Ross shirts rank dead last for quality! I still have XL Hoyt shirts from 4 years ago that have endured alot of washings and they fit fine! One wash of the cheap Ross stuff and small.
I like my Ross bow better than anything I have owned, but they didnt do their homework when it came to selling a "good" shirt!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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