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The last few hours of work today seemed to drag on by after the phone call from the Mrs. stating a large box with Elite Archery on the side was delivered to the door. :)
Once home, it was stripping the Army ACUs off and into my lounging outfit to get this baby unpacked and fondled....
From the moment I grabbed it, I was already seeing some nice details. :(
Not only did it feel pretty light for a long riser parallel bow but, the camo color was looking alot sweeter in person than I had expected.
Clear crisp camo dip process with only 2 small air bubble marks on the whole bow.

The string color although they would not be my first choice in colors was better in person than pictured. The string seems better built than some I have seen but I have been told about the 24 strand thickness being an issue in the cam channels and a lil slower in speeds as well.
The machining on the cams was a lil on the rough side and actually disappointing to see.
A quality I have seen before in newer "smaller" bow companies in the past.
Powder coat is always a better finish in my opinion and the thinner anodizing of the K8 cams shows the machine marks rather easily.
The axle pins seem to be anodized a darker color, which seems to be a nice touch and I would think will help prevent rust as well.

What really got my attention was the silver logo on the riser, very nice touch, I believe Kevin calls it a coin and is a very attractive detail.
On the downside, the grips were a lil less than desirable. They fit well in the hand and are silky smooth but I did notice one grip is already very loose and seems to not want to tighten up. The edges are also a lil off with the recessed machined curves of the riser slightly if you look up close.

The string color although they would not be my first choice in colors was better in person than pictured. The string seems better built than some I have seen but I have been told about the 24 strand thickness being an issue in the cam channels and a lil slower in speeds as well.
After looking thru the box, I found there was no manual that came with the bow and was reliant upon going to Elite's internet site for info and specs. For me the manual is a must and am very surprised now days to get a new bow without a manual. It did come with a birth cert. stating the bow shot a 350 grain arrow at 29" draw at 323.4 FPS and a warranty card.
My Daughter loved looking at the bow and was very impressed with the Elite Hat as well and graciously modeled it for me.

So now onto the “meat and potatoes”………………
Upon setting the bow up with a Diamond Hostage rest and Scoil, the standard equipment I use on all my bows to get the first shots off, I headed to my garage to play with it thru the chrony with the same 361 grain Goldtip 5575XT that I use in my Ross bow and Bowtech Tribute speed tests in hand....
The Synergy came with the Smooth mods on it and at first pull I was astonished at how similar it was to my 71.5 pound Tribute with speed mods.
VERY VERY nice smooth draw, no humps, no bumps and a good solid wall.
At 70.3 lbs of draw and the mods set to 28.5 inches, the Elite fired the 361 grain arrows at 305, 306, 305, 305, 305, and 305. This speed was 3 FPS faster than my 28.5 inch (Crackerized) Tribute set at 71.5 inches of draw. There was a slight vibe at the shot but I think the loose grip had a lil something to do with it and am sure once an STS is installed this bow would shoot as well as the other top speed bows. I was hoping to switch to the included speed mods but when I got to looking at the bow I see you gotta use a torx bit to take the mods off and my trusty toolbox is at my office so will have to wait another day. The bow is not bad to shoot at all, in fact this morning I had to take an Army Physical Fitness Test and after 2 minutes of "going for broke" on the push up event, I figured I would have a heck of a time pulling the bow today. Not so, I found the draw a lil stiff at first like many other faster cam'd bows but rolled over nicely.
All in all, the bow seems to be a nice edition to Today’s Speed bows.
A better machining process in the eccentrics, assigning an owners manual to each bow, and better strings/ cables in my opinion will get this bow even more attainable heights.

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Wait till you get it on the range, they hold extremely well. If you need an owner's manual, call Lorna or Brook @ Elite, they'll hook you up, or e-mail them @ [email protected]. Elite's E-Suppresssor is also a great addition to the Synergy. :grin:

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Yea, I am gonna slap a peep in it and install a drop zone and some sort of STS on it next.
I like the Elite model but not for $50. :???:

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I actually sell some off to get others.
I did let my Tribute and 334 since I am leaving for Iraq.........

I will get an APA Black Mamba, Cardiac, and 09 Bowtech or HCA when I get back from Iraq.. :)

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Yea it is brand new.
07 model, they just now started kicking the Leftys out the door.
It was a special order and the guy that ordered it backed out.

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Stayed up till 2 AM playing with the Synergy and the 331.

Put a Drop Zone rest and G5 peep on the Synergy, still getting 305 FPS outta it. :(
I did shoot a 350 grain arrow at 309 FPS.

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Updated a new stab, arrow rest, and StringTamer on it. :)

BTW, the stringtamer has got to be the nicest and cleanest suppressor I have came across yet...
Sorry Bow Rattler and Vibekiller, I still like ya but, WOW this thing is alot better than I had expected. :(

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For right now, No.
The strings are Vapor Trail 24 strand and I really don't like em and consider them a lil heavy to begin with.
I am gonna shoot em up like it is till I get it Crackerized after Iraq.
When I get em Crackerized, most likely will go to my StringJax that I use on all my bows. :)
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