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Just a quick overview of my thoughts upon first impression of the Omnia

Overall just a clean nice looking bow with some refined cutouts and a touch better appeal than the Envision. A sharp looking bow and still the best logo in the Industry.

Cam - No change in the large adjustment for fitting the bow to an individual in their new cams and in that area you get a little more with rather accurate etched marks for desired let-off positions. The most micro adjustable system in the industry.

Grip - I’ve seen some comments saying it’s a little wider at the bottom but yet still very comfortable that Elites been known for the last few years. I measured the bottom of the grip and honestly widths from Envision to Omnia were the same, I feel no differemce personally. No complaints and probably my favorite bare riser grip on the market.

Bow Balance - Overall feel in the hand and balance is nice, evenly distributed throughout which matters to me personally as I carry my bow in hand a lot in the back country.

Draw cycle to me reminds me of the old GTO 3 tracks but better. Loads quickly up front but a nice transition throughout all the way through. Depending on where you desire your let-off settings you may have a little dump on the back end. Currently have mine set at 85% let-off with just a touch of a dump on the back end. I’ll probably lean to shoot it at 80%. This is such a personal preference area and Elite made this super easy in the new cams with their gear drive system for let-off.

Speeds - Are there and not over inflated, at least at my draw length. Lord knows I got plenty of bows to compare with so let’s do a direct comparison to the Levitate E2 cam they are performers and overachievers but does show up in draw cycle feel. The E2 is just a touch stiffer throughout but also 5 fps faster, not all that much. Personal preference, performance to overal feel I’d edge that to the Elite

Tuning fork vibration - If you decided to take the little Elite Doinker off and slap the side of the limbs you will feel some residual vibration throughout the riser and on the shot. Shockingly to me, this little Doinker dampener really eliminates that all together so if this is a concern I’d highly recommend you leaving it there as is.

Tuning - Doesn’t get much easier. Cams we’re in synch out of the gate and at a touch nock high and 13/16 centershot I had a tail right condition bareshaft. 1/4 turn in the set top and bottom and reset centershot to 13/16 and perfect bareshaft flight.

Shot experience - Short and sweet, doesn’t get much better and would compete with any thing on the market and in many cases much better. Elites best feeling on the shot experience to date.

Excellent offering and Elite should do really well for 2023 with the Omnia. The only thing that may hinder this, is our numb nuts leader so go vote !

Overall specs

416 gr arrow
309 fps

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Good write up! Do you plan on trying the Era? I had a chance to shoot both this past weekend and was surprised at how different they are.
Should be in around the end of February

*Don’t overlook testing out the let-off drive feature per say * >>————>

Further assessment and feedback
One of the things I hear commented is the hump and dump on the backend of the draw cycle. Originally I started out at 80%let-off on the Omnia although muscle memory once kicked in I got used to it there and was quite comfortable. Since I’ve gone to 79% and now currently running it at 77% let-off. To my surprised at least for me, I have a good valley still with a very smooth transition into the backend wall. Old style cams you’d loose Valley altogether with just limb stops.
Now I’m shooting cable stops so can’t comment on how things feel with limb stops and honestly it’s shooting so well I’ll leave well enough alone with the cables stops. Another benefit at the 77% let-off I’m seeing less deviations in lateral impacts with face pressure differences. This can be beneficial in hunting situations when form etc may not be text book under the heat of the moment.
Those on the fence on draw cycle on the backend or those just in general, it may be worth experimenting and you may like the draw cycle even better.
Great bow and not really any complaints still at this point.

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