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Would you buy an Equalizer or BuckShot tree stand today?

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Equalizer Leveling Tree Stand and BuckShot Climber - Save Them From Extinction!How ca

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How can we keep a really exceptional product from vanishing from the hunting community? The product that I am speaking of is the Equalizer leveling tree stand as well as the BuckShot climbing tree stand from Buckshot Manufacturing. Just Google Equalizer or BuckShot tree stand or Buckshot Manufacturing to find their site.

The Equalizer leveling tree stand is so much more than a climbing style tree stand. It is a climber that you can level in mid-climb safely. Just watch the video on their site or search for Equalizer on YouTube and you will see why I love mine so much.

The BuckShot climbing tree stand has most of the same features with the one exception of the leveling option. Lots of folks I know have the same passion for this climbing tree stand. Many of us have sons now who are learning to hunt and we want another Equalizer or Buckshot or even just the parts to replace what has worn on our original tree stand. How many other tree stands can say they get passed down to another generation?!?!

I spoke with Bill, the President of Buckshot Manufacturing, yesterday about the impending shutdown of their operation. When I saw the announcement on their website, I was really upset because it took nearly two years for the company to untangle themselves from a previous partnership which delayed the relaunch of the next generation of their tree stands here in America. However, during that delay I patiently waited because their products are THAT good!

I know that Bill is searching for a new investor or other ways to better capitalize their business and I know how hard that is to do. I am also saddened at how hard the laws of our country make it for a small business to raise capital in what I always thought was a capitalist country. I always assumed you could simply promote your business by saying, "Hey - do you want to invest in my company?" Apparently in America, that is not the case today.

I am searching for ways to help Bill raise the capital to keep the Equalizer and BuckShot tree stands alive because quite frankly, I want another one. But, beyond my own selfish motivation - I want to see this product survive and thrive for the benefit of all hunters who haven't yet experienced the Equalizer or BuckShot.

I don't know what you can do to help, but please spread the word to others in the hunting community. Perhaps there is an Equalizer or Buckshot owner who is as passionate about it as I am and who would become an investor.

Please pass along any ideas you may have to myself or to Bill. I have no stake in Buckshot Manufacturing at all. I am just another hunter who wishes to see a great product have the chance to succeed and I'm willing to spread the word.
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