Weight 60-70, length 27-30, string 51.5, bc 37/39.75. It says slam & 1/2 on the cam witch I assume is a hybrid. I know it's not a solo cam. Has a Carolina whisker bisket, Carolina 3 pin sight battery operated. True fire release Velcro type. Limb saver stabilizer prob 3-4 in' long. Some type off peep. 3 arrow quiver detachable. And 8 gold tip xt hunter 5575. 5 of them with field tips 3 of them with muzzy mc-3 tips.

Bow shots nice the string hasn't been shot all the much. The bow is in really good shape over all. I have never shot a bow before. But I put 6 shots in a 8 inch circle after a little practice and some adjustment to the sights.