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Finished with other sites...

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Well now that the ross place has picked up i believe Im finished with other sites. Especially HNI. I posted up pictures of the cardiac, it was the 2nd time, but different pics and I got jumped on because of it. I was told to tone it down. So ill just stay here with you guys, I know you enjoy some good pics of the Cardiac :)
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dude whats HNI? not sure where they get the I? :???:
Cougar thanks for the heads up about HNI sounds like a place I will avoid.
HNI isn't that bad, just like any website/forum with a billion members, there are bound to be a few dinks.
Ignore them, enjoy the good members.
I go by Buellhunter on HNI and AT and have made friends and learned a lot.
You just have to sort through some of the BS that pops up on all sites.

I think it's great that Ross shooters have a forum like this to hang out at. It cuts down on the "my bow is better than your bow" stuff
Of course, we can still debate arrows, rests, releases, tree stands and much more. Debate is interesting and educational if done without attacking each other.
Doublelung said:
Debate is interesting and educational if done without attacking each other.
therein lies the problem. Most dont know how to convey thoughts other then praise or slams.

the fan boys usually ruin most sites.

The truth is mathews, bowtech, bear, martin and others all good bows. I just like Ross. the fit and feel fit me not the fan boys.

The only way they can make their bows better is to bash other bows. When the dust settles their bow is still the same, so is the bow they bashed.

so ill take my ross bows, the only ones that hate my bow choice are the critters that succumb to its arrow.

However fishing rods are the exception, G Loomis rods destroy all other rods hands down, no questions asked this is the supreme rod... just kidding, but they do rock. (for most applications) :-o :-o
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