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First 3D of the Season

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Was looking so much to the first 3D of the season, and came away so bummed out. Had 3 goose eggs and lost/broke 2 arrows in thirty targets. Got to get more consistent. Would like to get through a 3D without losing an arrow.

I practice, ah, em about every other day. After Sunday’s fiasco, I decided to get my HAA sight marked for specific yardage: 20/25/30/35/40 on a recommendation from Larry at C&M.. It took me about an hour and a half to zero it in after Sundays shoot. At the indoors 3Ds I shot this winter I had it set on 25 yards, and could calculate the pin from there. I was good because I was shooting on a flat surface. Tried that Sunday, and I was off much on them downhill and up hill shots. I usually am not an excuse maker, but here goes. My bow is only three weeks old, a Ross Cardiac, so I have been only shooting it at 20 to 25 yards. Shooting at greater distances showed me the sight was off to the left a few inches. I also got this squared away Sunday after the fiasco. Last night I practice at different intervals and reassured myself that I have corrected this problem. Now I have only poor yardage judgment, and shooting form to blame. I LOVE this new bow, but am still bummed out on how I embarrassed myself. Of course the one guy I shot with is ranked #10 in the world as a senior, and the other shoots professionally. They even asked me back for next Sunday. I guess they need humor.
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Thanks for the Advice!

Asylum, Yah, your right. And it is making me a better shot.
Did over 20 points better yesterday. It was my 8th 3D, and first were I didn't have a goose egg. Your right, If I am not going to have fun, and learn my new Ross Cardiac, I shouldn't go! Even last Sunday (when I sucked) it seemed when I have that bow in my hand time just flies!

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