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First Spring Gobbler

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Got My First Gobbler of the Season!! The hunt took an whole 28 minutes. Got to the field and relized one thing. I had lost my release some where. I looked for a moment and relized my hunt was over. Since my back up was in my other bow case at home. Well my wife saved the day. She said that she had packed her shotgun in the truck so i used it. We set up decoys and started calling. Two minutes later a tom started gobbling and he cleared the brush and started sruting my way. He made it to the decoys and stop and stuck his neck out and it was over. 17lbs 8 1/2 inch beard and 1 inch spurs. Will post pics later as soon as i figure out how.
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I am paying my wife back with a turkey hunt in kansas later this month. She wants a big bird. The property we hunt has already produced a big bird. 27lb 11inch beard and 1 inch spurs. She is ready. Going to shoot a bird with my bow saturday or sunday.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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